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serge ve1kg at eastlink.ca
Wed Nov 2 14:34:33 CET 2016

Hi! Bill & all
I have the AZ spid rotor & get the power from the controller. What ever that 
is. It is often off 1 degree or 2. For 144Mhz it is not critical with 4X17. 
When I see the moon on my camera I re calibrate. I also have a spot at my MR 
& MS to check my calibration. I would imagine for microwave EME that may not 
be good enough. As to elevation i use a Jack screw which is off 3 degrees 
all the time so i add 3 degrees to all my elevation readings & voila!!!!
Serge VE1KG
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> On 2016-11-02 7:09 AM, Bjorn wrote:
>> I am running approx 19V to my RAS/RAK rotators. Good cabling (of course 
>> shielded)
>> and good power/cabling in the PS-line
> I am the same somewhat.  18V to the rotor with 14ga stranded house wire 
> not
> shielded.  Using wire I had the sensor is with regular CAT5 cable.  I used 
> each
> colour with one of the leads grounded the other one to the sensor.
> Works great, maybe had to do the sun check maybe twice in last year.
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