[Moon-Net] SPIDs

Bjorn sm7sjr at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 12:09:14 CET 2016

Some areas of interest pops up at an "even timesppread basis", and has
almost the same content every time. Maybe creating an archive type of wiki
would be a good plan?

But anyway, time for a repeat:
I am running approx 19V to my RAS/RAK rotators. Good cabling (of course
shielded) and good power/cabling in the PS-line, No zeroing of directions
at powr faults and no problem starting both az/el at the same time. No lost
pulses. Be aware that the motor can take up to 10A in the startup spike, so
starting both at the same time = could be up to 20A, if voltage drops too
much = lost pulses.

73 de SM7SJR, Bjorn
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