[Moon-Net] 24GHz AW 12.-13.11.2016 proposed

Charlie & Geraldine Kahwagi ibnkarim at bigpond.net.au
Wed Nov 2 11:36:06 CET 2016

Hello All 24 GHz operators…  What a wonderful idea but unfortunately I have work commitments that weekend and cannot be QRV.  






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Hello all 24GHz lunatics !


OK1KIR proposes to held 24G AW on Sat/Sun 12.-13.11.2016.

We will be active the both Moon-passes and available on HB9Q logger. 

There was already a long time no 24 GHz EME QSO mentioned, so we think that all 24GHz equipments round the world desire to wake up. 

Proposed weekend founds Moon close to perigee (dgrd only a few tens of dB) with quite low spreading. Moon declination will be in its middle range and growing.

We think that weekend proposed is better than working days also suggested by JAs. The weekend after (19.-20.11.) brings collision with the second part of ARRL contest. Furthermore also spreading and dgrd will be much higher together with declination at maximum. We are not able to seriously predict the WX around the globe, but it looks acceptable at least nowadays.

Let us now, please, if you suppose to participate to arrange proper operation plans.  


73, Vlada&Tonda


www.ok1kir.cz <http://www.ok1kir.cz> 

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