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Sam Jewell jewell at btinternet.com
Tue Nov 1 20:36:12 CET 2016

A really good way to avoid manually adjusting az and el at the same time with the (earlier?) spid ras is to use a switch joystick (available on ebay for a few dollars). The gates for these allow you to select az or el but not both at the same time. Replace the mouse remote interface with the joystick. Mount the joystick on a small Hammond extruded box and you have a nice looking joystick as well!
Unfortunately, this is applicable only for manual control.

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> On 1 Nov 2016, at 18:42, dave crook <dave.crook at maisonblanche.nz> wrote:
> I use a RAS SPID and have experienced these inaccuracies, reading the 
> SPID web site they recommend grounding both ends of the cables, but most 
> importantly using at least 14+ volts DC, then suggesting shielded 
> cables. I lost my station battery charger and didn't realise until the 
> RAS lost all calibration at 12 volts.
> I have found if I can resist changing AZ and EL at the same time, I get 
> very few errors, however by adjusting both AZ and EL together you will 
> introduce errors, fortunately as we all know, it is a really easy fix to 
> recalibrate., I use the sun and watch the shadow til the antenna shadow 
> is in line, then adjust the 0, 0 and restart.
> 73 Dave ZL2MQ
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