[Moon-Net] Ras Spid

dave crook dave.crook at maisonblanche.nz
Tue Nov 1 19:42:07 CET 2016

I use a RAS SPID and have experienced these inaccuracies, reading the 
SPID web site they recommend grounding both ends of the cables, but most 
importantly using at least 14+ volts DC, then suggesting shielded 
cables. I lost my station battery charger and didn't realise until the 
RAS lost all calibration at 12 volts.
I have found if I can resist changing AZ and EL at the same time, I get 
very few errors, however by adjusting both AZ and EL together you will 
introduce errors, fortunately as we all know, it is a really easy fix to 
recalibrate., I use the sun and watch the shadow til the antenna shadow 
is in line, then adjust the 0, 0 and restart.
73 Dave ZL2MQ

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