[Moon-Net] Re [Moon] 24GHz AW 12.-13.11.2016 proposed

Mitsuo Kasai ja1wqf at d5.dion.ne.jp
Tue Nov 1 13:57:15 CET 2016

Hello all, 24GHz eme'ers

Pleasant for 24GHz activity weekend.
I'm in China at present, but I'll return immediately.

2.4m Cassegrain  26W at feed  linear H or V pol CW and JT4F
Cu on 1.2cm

BY/JA1WQF Mitsuo Kasai

On 2016/10/31 17:41, Brian Coleman wrote:
> Hello Vlada and Tonda
> I will be QRV if WX and murphy permit !
> Vy 73 Brian G4NNS
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> *Subject:* [Moon] 24GHz AW 12.-13.11.2016 proposed
> Hello all 24GHz lunatics !
> OK1KIR proposes to held 24G AW on Sat/Sun 12.-13.11.2016.
> We will be active the both Moon-passes and available on HB9Q logger.
> There was already a long time no 24 GHz EME QSO mentioned, so we think
> that all 24GHz equipments round the world desire to wake up.
> Proposed weekend founds Moon close to perigee (dgrd only a few tens of
> dB) with quite low spreading. Moon declination will be in its middle
> range and growing.
> We think that weekend proposed is better than working days also
> suggested by JAs. The weekend after (19.-20.11.) brings collision with
> the second part of ARRL contest. Furthermore also spreading and dgrd
> will be much higher together with declination at maximum. We are not
> able to seriously predict the WX around the globe, but it looks
> acceptable at least nowadays.
> Let us now, please, if you suppose to participate to arrange proper
> operation plans.
> 73, Vlada&Tonda
> www.ok1kir.cz
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