[Moon-Net] Tower mounted video camera

Jim Kennedy kennedyjp at cableone.net
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Hi Les, This is what I use for a wireless camera on the tower. http://www.boostervision.com/cart/scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=126   I mounted the camera inside a PVC tube. I capped the back of the PVC tube and drilled a hole in the cap to feed power to the camera. At the front of the tube I mounted the camera and secured it with RTV. I drilled a hole for the antenna to protrude out of the PVC tube. I bent 4 lightweight U shaped aluminum brackets and used hose clamps to secure them to the PVC tube and the boom of the yagi. I cut an aluminum hood from lightweight aluminum to protect the camera from rain and snow getting on the lens and secured it with another hose clamp. I also drilled some holes down the bottom of the PVC tube for drains in case water got in. I put the whole thing together on the bench first so I could get the camera in the right spot in the PVC tube so the PVC tube and the rain/snow shield did not show up in the field of vision. 

In the shack,  the tower cam receiver feeds the video to  a Haier 7 inch  TV receiver. I put a black thread down the middle of the display and that’s the cross hair so to speak to stay aligned on the moon. It’s a little crude but effective. I have a Glenn Martin Tram tower system and usually at some point during the summer bring the antennas down for a cursory check and spray a little Windex on a Q tip and clean the lens. 

I have never had a problem with the lens getting so dirty that I couldn’t see and I have never had a problem with the camera system itself. Its been in operation for 4 years.

A side benefit is that you get to look at the birds that land on your boom up close and personal. 

W7OUU DN22sn

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Hi All, 
I know this has been covered before but just cant seem to find where.   Looking for recommendations for an inexpensive  video camera to mount on my array.   Manufacture and model numbers would be appreciated.  Also how did you house it to protect it from the rain.


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