[Moon-Net] MAP65 with FCD Pro +

Bodo Heyl bodoheyl at t-online.de
Fri May 3 12:34:47 CEST 2013


yes, with MAP65 and Funcube dongle pro +
you should not apply IQ calibration, dont know why,
but if you tick "apply IQ calibration" the image rejection
will not work!

To swap I/Q channels is not necessary,

73 Bodo/DL2FCN

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> Jan, PA0PLY
> I have no experience with Windows 8, but have used the FCD Pro+ for
> MAP65 V2 with both WinXP and Win7.
> I found that MAP65's I/Q calibration routine did not work well for me.
> When I followed Joe's instructions for this (Adjust I/Q calibration, and
> Apply I/Q calibration) it actually did not Null the opposite sideband as
> designed.
> Following Joe's procedure seemed to (I think) null the DC offset which
> reduces the spike at center frequency, but did not null the opposite
> sideband. This caused the "mirror" effect you discuss when "Apply I/Q
> calibration" was checked.
> By un-checking the "Menu">"Setup">"Apply I/Q calibration", my Wide
> Waterfall no longer showed the mirrored traces.  This seems to me to
> indicate that the FCD Pro+ is already pretty well balanced for phase and
> ratio and therefore did not need the calibration.
> I did not find the need to swap I/Q channels and MAP65 V2 decoded well
> and correctly without that.
> The "FUNcube Dongle Settings" under Setup in MAP65 V2.4.1 does not work
> with the FCD Pro+. Instead, I used the FCHID2.002.exe program from the
> FCD web site to set frequency and gain options. Then I used "Force
> Center Frequency" to set the same center frequency in the Wide Waterfall
> Screen. FCHID2.002.exe uses khz, and MAP65 uses mhz.
> Then I adjusted "Fcal" in MAP65 Setup/Options to calibrate the Wide
> Waterfall's lower waterfall display to match frequencies with the SpecJT
> screen in WSJT.  A strong birdie is handy for that.
> I still can't predict where to click in the upper Wide Waterfall to
> select the frequency to display in the lower Wide Waterfall, as there is
> a registration error (in my installation) between the mouse and the
> frequency selected.
> I hope this is helpful to you.
> Steve-dog
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>> > hi Lunatics,
>> >
>> > I'm having trouble to get this configuration running properly.
>> > Altough the SW is running and displays traces, it looks like all is 
>> > mirrored to the centre signal, which was not the case when running 
>> > under older versions Windows.
>> > I have the impression that it is less sensitive as well
>> > Any-1 who has similar experiences?
>> >
>> > Met vriendelijke groet,
>> >
>> > Jan PA0PLY
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