[Moon-Net] LFA Yagi Question.

Dave zen70432 at zen.co.uk
Sun Sep 9 13:22:02 CEST 2012

Since publication in Dubus 2/2009 the LFA Yagi has gained popularity, in 
part due to the extensive marketing campaign by its designer.

Recently, respected antenna designers DK7ZB and G4CQM have commented on 
on the LFA on their respective web sites, G4CQM producing comparison 
plots against his own designs.

In the last couple of weeks KX4O on his website:


draws an interesting conclusion, with the statement:

"The good news for us is we can simply attach the coax directly to the 
feedpoint with no balun and get good results."

My question to the antenna gurus on here is, do you agree?

I understand you may not want to get into a public debate on this and I 
am happy to receive off reflector replies.

73 Dave G4RGK

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