[Moon-Net] QST Cheap and Easy SDR

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To use the sdr-radio console with the rlt, you do it with the tcp server.  If you downloaded the rtl-sdr support files, i.e.  "relwithdebinfo" you would get a rtl_tcp.exe utility which you run to create a tcp_server.  sdr-radio v2.0 then connects to the tcp_server.  There is a youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n71jSRoEqos

here are the details:

and a link to the utilities:


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I checked out SDR Console version 2.0. Build 1245 and found that it has a
driver for RTL SDR (TCP) but nothing for RTL-SDR /USB which is what is
being used for my dongle.  Am I missing something?

Thanks and 73, Bill WA0ARM
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