[Moon-net] WSJT9/WSJT7 PART 2

Lance Collister, W7GJ w7gj at q.com
Wed Nov 16 17:43:51 CET 2011

Hello Serge,

I don't know why you are using those old versions.  I also was skeptical of WSJT9 
initially, so was still running WSJT7 during my first sked with SV9 on 6m EME for a 
new DXCC.  I was very disappointed that I could see a good strong trace and it did 
not decode, so I missed the contact.  I sent the file to K1JT to ask what was the 

K1JT pointed out to me that the .wav file from my SV9 sked decoded fine in WSJT9!  I 
tried it myself on my computer using WSJT9 and found that it also decoded fine for 
me!  No more missed DXCC and wasted skeds in the middle of the night for me and my 
sked partners!!  I now use WSJT9 here at home and when I am on EME DXpeditions.

GL and VY 73, Lance

On 11/16/2011 3:31 PM, serge wrote:
> Hi Guys first of all thank you for your emails. BTW i used the same computer for the
> test a laptop. Now last nite i compared WSJT 6 & WSJT 7.
> found NO DIFFERENCE in decoding signals. Now at times it appeared that WSJT 6 was
> faster to decode but that is maybe far fetched.
> The bottom line is that each WSJT programs have their own advantages depending on
> what you use them for.
> For me I will use WSJT 7 or WSJT 6 i like them both for CW EME & JT.EME
> 73,
> Serge VE1KG
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