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Erich Rupprechter, OE9ERC erich at oe9erc.com
Mon Sep 29 21:56:44 CEST 2008

Hello to All


Thank you for all the mails from you. I have to explain me:

I will not stop EME, I just want to reduce my many equipments. For all the
frequency’s I have the equipment in multiple implementation.

And in the future I do not have so much time to build myself equipments for
EME. I´m infected with the EME virus and it´s not possible to loss them.

I will stop 70 cm EME because I have big problems with interferences on the


Sorry to all, they are waiting on a QSL card from me. In the next month I
will send all my outstanding cards.




73 de Erich, OE9ERC


Erich Rupprechter, OE9ERC

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