[Moon-net] 23cm EME 'little pistol' ( Re: 2.4m dish)

Bergonti, Sergio Sergio.Bergonti at lamresearch.com
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You seem to give up on 23cm too fast. In the present days and in my
opinion 23cm it is still the 'Queen' band for microwave EME, considering
uwaves starting from 1GHz and above. And yes, gladly other higher bands
are getting well populated too.  Be sure that there are a bunch of
stations, me included, working with small antennas and thus
monitoring/optimizing the station almost constantly.  Just to give you
and example I am active on 10GHz with my 3.5 meters mesh dish which has
an efficiency of about 8% due to mesh bumps (hail) and surface accuracy,
I like to consider myself as a 'yagi' station on 3cm, 20W of power, big
challenge to work me. Additionally I feel like moon-net is a great
resource to stay in contact with other hams to share and learn
experiences which are normally quite constructive, ok maybe not all of
them sometimes.  And sometimes the discussions HAVE to be held in
'technocrat' terms, since we use technological instruments, but you
shouldn't get too scared about that.  So give it a try, I am pretty sure
that you'll get across again to people with 'balls' and find lots of
satisfaction. No doubts.

CU on 23

Sergio IK2MMB

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From: YO2IS
      Hello from KN05ps,
  Was pleased to read so many interesting advices
 regarding the use of small deep dishes for 23cm EME.
  Being one of the happy users of a minimal setup
 for 23cm EME, still not yet completly optimised, am
 still far away from the satisfactions of my first
 70cm EME activity, very well publicised in the 90's.
  It seems I have already lost the top of interest
 for 23cm EME, its a matter of fashion. Mostly the
 same hams do migrate slowly to higher frequencies.
  EME-ers are getting older and are not anymore happy
 to dig out from the noise the QRP signals...and then 
 eventualy to answer the received QSL's. ( QSL always
 a TROPHY to show for the QRP-ers everywhere !)
  Just wonder if anyone is going to beat DL9KR's DXCC
 70cm CW and put up a goal for an analog DXCC on 23cm ?,
 once again CONGRATS Jan !.
  Always technocrats put in front the setup, the bigger
 the better, rarely have read about the skils needed 
 for top EME op's, they will always know how to handle
 signals of the 'little pistols'. Bravos to SM5LE !.
  Cu agn on 160m DX next season.

     73 & DX, Szigy.

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