[Moon-net] 2.40m dish

Sergei rw3bp rw3bp at co.ru
Mon Sep 29 06:27:48 CEST 2008

 "...for a constant aperture area, pathloss is also constant with frequency. 
so if a 10 foot dish works at 1296, it will also work at 10 GHz, if you have 
the same NF and power (which might be a problem)."  Paul Wade W1GHZ

It is true if you have constant size dish on the first side and constant 
gain (or isotropic) antenna on the second side. In case of the same dishes 
on both sides (or if you check your own echo) it is improvement proportional 
to square of frequency. If to move from 23cm to 3cm band your echo will be 
64 times better. Really it is a bit worse because of signal spectrum 
spreading, some atmosphere loss etc.

73 Sergei RW3BP

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