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w2drz w2drz at madbbs.com
Sun Sep 28 19:03:10 CEST 2008

Sasha, must have the complete ship address,
need this for the shipping pricing,
will use FED-X to ship unit.
Suggest to also order the relay board??

If you can fix the email problem on your end be good to keep message off the 
Do not have the problem with RW1AW address so not sure what to do here.

Sorry to post on the reflector but direct it bounces.
Will try to see if what is suggested below works, I will try that fix here 

NEW IN THE PICC code 2.01.
You can down load and test the new Drztrack.zip program now and
 see how that works in the new tracking program,
 K2TXB (RUSS) has designed in the new released DzCom program.

The new code in the PICC version (2.01) has several new options in it.
The ABSOLUTE US DIGITAL encoders can now be programmed by the CT-2 
controller board for (3) options
(1) ADDRESS setting 0 or 1, (2) count DIRECTION CW or CCW, (3) RESOLUTION 
high or low.

Addition of INDEX/ZPULSE and that allows the INCREMENTAL encoders to be self 
correcting and
 they are close to being ease of use same as ABSOLUTE encoders keeping the 
position auto correcting on power up
 and normal operating position correcting by the INCREMENTAL encoders using 
the INDEX/ZPULSE signal.

Additional changes will be on the web page.
RUSS is working on updating the web page and not finished with that yet.

Thank You,
tom W2DRZ

> Tom
> The URL provided by the mail.ru server (ending in your (ISP's)
> mailserver IP address) leads to a web form in russion and below in
> English so you can request an unblocking of the IP.


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  Hello,THOMAS w2drz.
  I have got your message from Moon Net.
  Tnx Yuri RD3DA.
  The price of the assembled CT-2 board is $270,
  How much cost it with delivery to Moscow?

  GL 73!
   RX3DUR Sasha  KO85XM


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