[Moon-net] 3.4 GHz EME Report DL4MEA

Koellner, Guenter (NSN - DE/Munich) guenter.koellner at nsn.com
Sun Sep 28 17:24:59 CEST 2008


still looking for the reason of my bad RX performance on 9cm, I today got partial success and 1dB more sun noise than before for now 9.4dB at SFI=67.

Surprised by OZ6OL appearing, I copyied him with "M" report, a lot of fading, some good "O" periods and received "RO". Thanks for the new inital, Hans.

Another sked with VE6TA yesterday was not complete, I didn't want to cheat using a "brainwave" deep search algorithm, no chance to read the callsigns out of the noise. Probably with now reached improvement it might be possible.

73, Günter (dl4mea)

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 Very pleased  to say that I just worked Hans OZ6OL with a nice signal from him, 539 here, doppler spreading is quite high but Hans is a very readable signal.  Well Done!
73 Peter G3LTF 
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	Hello ,
	I am testing new set-up on 3400100 now and echoes are weak ,but readable ..will be around  next 3or 4 hours
	73 Hans  OZ6OL



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