[Moon-net] Parabola Model, Pattern generation; with Random surface errors

"Piotr M. Stuła" sp9ttg at tn.pl
Sat Sep 27 20:32:30 CEST 2008

Pat Barthelow wrote:
> Folks: 
> Are there any Antenna modeling programs, within reach of EME enthusiasts ( If not them, then avaailable for professional work)  that would allow you to enter a fine detail theoretical  surface coordinate database, then have the user apply an empirically derived RMS error metric, to the perfect coordinate database, generating a representative, as found, surface?   
> Then, based on the real, "lumpy" surface, generate beam patterns, for a given frequency.  It would be interesting to see Jamesburg's real pattern, both at C band, it's designed frequency, and then pushing it to higher frequencies, say, X band, and see how the pattern degrades, based on an RMS error which we determined to be in the vicinity of .050"
Hello Pat & EMErs.

Since this is VERY interesting theme (also for me), i would like to 
include some information about
RT32 radiotelescope - fine domestic antenna at Piwnice, near Torun.


Next link provides technical informations, as well as Observer's 
Handbook (!) unfortunately some
of the documents are in polish language or they are simply missing at 
the www site.


Home site of RT32 :  http://www.astro.uni.torun.pl/eng/index.php


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