[Moon-net] OZ1HNE ARI CW/SSB 144MHz EME contest result,

Jørgen Kristiansen oz1hne at post8.tele.dk
Sat Sep 27 20:00:33 CEST 2008

Hi EME'ers,

I was QRV on random CW during the contest and found condition very bad (yes, kapuut Guenter) with a lot of QSB. My own echoes was very very weak for a long time and polarity unstabil. I was QRV most of my moontime on saturday and only a few hours on sunday. I worked in total 31 random CW QSO's with 2 new initials UR0EQ and RU1AC. A few stations was calling me, but my brain was not able to decode, maybe too sleepy (-: I am very interested to hear from the stations I missed. Thanks to all for the QSO's and to all taking part in this very nice EME contest arranged by ARI. It was all great fun as always, and I look forward to hit the moon again very soon.             

Here is the list of my random CW QSO's during the contest:

20/9 2008:
0004 PA3CWN
0011 IK2DDR
0017 IK1FJI
0022 YO2AMU
0030 I3EVK
0038 OK1KKD
0046 RU1AA
0055 SP7DCS
0101 I1ANP
0156 OK1MS
0211 LA8YB
0234 SM7GVF
0243 IK3MAC
0322 F1FLA
0501 F0CXO
0515 W3TWX
0557 SV2KBS
0606 G3ZIG
0633 SM2CEW
0714 F3VS
0810 DF1CF
0818 K6AWW
0828 F9HS
0929 UR0EQ  #
2014 JH0WJF

21/9 2008:
0020 LZ1DP
0026 I2RV
0054 YO9FRJ
0607 K9MRI
0839 RU1AC #
0938 PA2CHR.

Best 73, OZ1HNE Jorgen.
8 x 8 elm. crossyagi's H/V and 8877.
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