[Moon-net] 2.40m dish

Luis Cupido cupido at mail.ua.pt
Sat Sep 27 03:49:49 CEST 2008


Being one of the deep dish users (0.3) I couldn't resist to

Deep dishes gained some bad reputation about feeding that
is not truly fair.
Long time ago, when only a few feed designs existed things were
not too bright, I agree, but nowadays designs exist that can provide
reasonable efficiencies (ok, slight less than eff of more shallow 
dishes). However deep dishes can be extremely quiet in terms of
noise pickup. So taking in consideration that what really
matters for EME reception is G/T and not simply efficiency
or gain, things are not so negative, on the contrary you may end up
with a good reception as good as the others (with the same size)
or even better but may stay a 1dB or 2dB below on your TX...

... so put more volts in you PA hi ;-)

Luis Cupido

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