[Moon-net] Help is available .. just what is possible!

Doug McArthur tikaluna at bigpond.com
Fri Sep 26 23:22:53 CEST 2008

We, who have been on EME for decades sometimes tend forget the new 
comers. We see the same questions
repeated time after time. The latest about dish sizes is another 
perennial. Three decades ago now I started writing software to
provide me with the answers that I, and many others needed.  Over 
time the software has developed with significant help from
like minded who have provided many suggestions for changes and 
enhancements. It is still ongoing. Peter G3LTF is one who has already
'chipped in' on the current dish discussion and provided significant 
advice.. but the info is available at your mouse tips!

The VK3UM EME (and Receiver Performance) Calculator will provide all 
the interacting parameters that influence
communication between two stations (or just your own) as well as 
establishing you systems performance. It
is a "very busy screen" and will take you a little time to understand 
the interaction of all the parameters, but it includes
Help file will assist you as to their meanings. It also includes 
other Stations set ups from 50-48GHz as an indication
of what others are running. If nothing else playing with it will keep 
you amused for hours! You will know precisely
what is possible before you even start to assemble a station. (or 
where to start look when something stops)

After that you can check to see if you will fry your neighbour or 
yourself  with the EMR calculator and when you are having
that interference problem then the 4 Stage Inter digital Filter 
software will allow you to construct one with your available bits.
If you have a matching problem then there is the Impedance and loss 
calculator and finally when you want to know of polarisation offset, Doppler
etc to set up a QSO then there is the VK3UM EME Planner.

... and its all free from 
http://sm2cew.com/download.htm  http://www.ve1alq.com/vk3um/ 


73 Doug VK3UM
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