[Moon-net] 2.40m dish

Chris SP7DCS sp7dcs at o2.pl
Fri Sep 26 21:17:16 CEST 2008

Hello Phil and all,

I have 3m dish and I can share my experience with you.
My dish has 0.34 f/D and I use RA3AQ feed and 150W SSPA.
With that setup I was able to make 29 qsos on CW random during last ARRL 
I would work more but I was sharing time with my 2m and 70cm activity.
I was able to hear much more stations with this antenna, but my small 
power was not enough to catch them.
I agree with DL4MEA that illuminating dishes with low f/D is difficult 
and I think it makes my signal weaker.
You can hear signals received with my station on my website - 
http://sp7dcs.webpark.pl   (click EME signals and choose 23cm band).
You can also hear how my signal was received by G4CCH with 5.4m dish on 
Howard's website - http://www.g4cch.com/sounds/hearsome.html
It will give you some impression.

I am sure that 2.4m dish will give you also possibility to make many 
qsos, but you will need to have good feed, preamp and  more power - Sven 
SM5LE is a great example of perfectly optimized station..
Of course this setup will give you a lot of fun and you will get 23cm 
eme bug;)

VY 73 ! de Chris SP7DCS.

FR5DN-Phil pisze:
> Hello All,
> I may have a possibility for a 2.40m TRVO dish, and wonder if it's 
> worth the effort to try on 23cm and/or above with it.
> My feeling is that it would be marginal on 23cms; and above 23cms the 
> efficiency would be too low?
> 23cms activity is very nice but i need a bigger dish i guess...
> Just a note on the ZS-FR tropo qso mentionned in the NL. It was the 
> first between africa and reunion, and a record for ZS...and FR.
> Longer paths have been worked on some other areas.
> Vy73 - Phil
> FR5DN - LG78qs
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Chris SP7DCS
email - sp7dcs at wp.pl, sp7dcs at o2.pl, sp7dcs at smrw.lodz.pl
EME PAGE - http://sp7dcs.webpark.pl

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