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 Oene, I endorse Ben SM6CKU 's input. SM5LE does an excellent job with his 
2.2m dish and with his 250W was easily workable on CW by well establised 5m 
dish stations. There are quite a lot, I'll guess at 20, of big ( 8m dish and 
above) stations about on 23cm so  if you put a basic 2.4m station together 
you will be able to work these quite easily. Then you will need to start to 
optimise your system,  Basically  Experimenting....carefully measureing sun 
noise, gradually eliminating losses, optimising feed position, trying 
different feed types, different LNAs, improving the pointing accuracy, and 
so on. Thats what Sven ( and others) have done.
Fortunately there is now plenty of material about on the internet on how to 
do that, the W1GHZ on line antenna book for example 
http://www.w1ghz.org/antbook/contents.htm and websites like Sven's where he 
descibes blow by blow what he did. And there are lots of people here on the 
reflectors who can help with advice.
There is also the issue of aquiring operating technique and skill. Knowing 
where and when to call CQ, dealing with the libration fading etc. This just 
takes time to learn, just like when you start on any new band. One thing 
that the small stations do have going for them now is the increasing use of 
SDRs with a waterfall display which alerts the larger station to the 
presence of a possible QSO.
23cm is a great eme band with lots of activity and very few problems with 
QRM from other services and birdies which are becoming a problem on some 
other bands. GL 73 Peter  G3LTF
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> Hello All,
> I want to join Phil FR5DN in his question about the needs
> to become active on 23 cm EME.
> In my case I have totally NO experience with 23 cm and
> it's behaviour, besides working a couple of hours in a
> contest once as guest operator.
> I  am more and more thinking about 23cm lately, as it seems
> THE band where a lot of activity is , according to the
> latest contest results.
> What is i.e. minimal needed for CW EME on a regular base?
> I mean to work the average stations active on 23 cm.
> Is a 2.40 m dish and 150 W enough to do the job or is
> that too marginal ?
> And what about qrm on 23 cm ?   I can imagine that
> with a larger dish the band is much more cleaner as with
> a short yagi. But is qrm from the neighbourhood as much
> as actual as on 144 Mhz ?
> In my case the qrm I pickup on 144 Mhz is very much
> and vice versa; On a regular base have the neighbourhood
> at my doorstep complaining about TVI, LFI etc.
> All the nowadays equipment with oscillators generate
> a lot of harmonics etc.  presented as big qrm especially
> at the start of the 144 Mhz band, but is this also
> the case on 23 cm ? Or are those signals already soo
> weakened compared with 144 Mhz that it is almost
> no issue ?
> I have no equipment and have to start from zero on this
> band, so think there is also a lot to learn: what is the
> best solution a combi rig or transverter and hf trx ?
> Maybe there is a good starters guide for 23 cm , because
> the answer from Guenter DL4MAE gave new question-
> marks at my side with his f/D answer and showed me that
> I have to study a lot before making these step.
> I have the time so do not have to be qrv next week and
> even like to build things myself, though this very high frequencies
> require other skills and equipment as I am used to !
> You see already many questions and it is just the beginning !
> Please respond to this topic  in general to the mailing list
> rather than to me private, so others can benefit too from this.
> Shared knowledge is fun !
> Thanks in advance and for all a very good weekend
> 73 Oene
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