[Moon-net] YO2AMU in ARI

Doru Zaslo yo2amu at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 26 10:19:57 CEST 2008

Hi to all !
Here is my contest log fro 20/21 september,ARI EME Contest:
0012  OK1MS     o/ro
0022  OZ1HNE    ro/o
0046  RX1AS      o/ro
0049  SP7DCS    o/ro
0055  I1ANP       o/ro
0108  I3EVK       o/ro
0136  IK3MAK     559/539
0158  RU1AA      o/ro
0254  SM7GVF    o/ro
0314  F1FLA       ro/o
0454  F0CXO      o/ro
0536  LA8YB       ro/o
0626  G3ZIG       ro/o
0847  K9MRI       ro/o
0904  F3VS        559/549
0912  DK3EE       559/529
2152  IV3GBO     o/ro
2204  YO9FRJ     o/ro
2304  LZ1DP       o/ro
2335  IK1FJI       ro/o
0105  DL8YHR     o/ro
0130  PA3CWN    o/ro
0939  YO3FFF     ro/o
0959  PA2CHR     ro/o
HRD/CALLED: SV2KBS , I2RV , F9HS, IT9CUC or CHU ...not sure!
A total of 376 points(6 italians and 19 others). A modest result!Last time was better!
Using a single -horizontal-polarity,is a big handicap! Sometimes, hours with the same stations who use H/V.
Comparing with the last ARI- few stations and a very,very low activity from USA/Canada and JA. Except K9MRI !!!
My elevation refuse to climb over 51 degrees so, I took some pause for a while just when it was a good band openings.
73 de Doru,YO2AMU.
4 x 4WL BVO
2 x GU74b
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