[Moon-net] 2.40m dish

Oene pa3cwn at tele2.nl
Fri Sep 26 08:05:17 CEST 2008

Hello All,

I want to join Phil FR5DN in his question about the needs
to become active on 23 cm EME.
In my case I have totally NO experience with 23 cm and
it's behaviour, besides working a couple of hours in a
contest once as guest operator.
I  am more and more thinking about 23cm lately, as it seems
THE band where a lot of activity is , according to the
latest contest results.

What is i.e. minimal needed for CW EME on a regular base?
I mean to work the average stations active on 23 cm.
Is a 2.40 m dish and 150 W enough to do the job or is
that too marginal ?

And what about qrm on 23 cm ?   I can imagine that
with a larger dish the band is much more cleaner as with
a short yagi. But is qrm from the neighbourhood as much
as actual as on 144 Mhz ?
 In my case the qrm I pickup on 144 Mhz is very much
and vice versa; On a regular base have the neighbourhood
at my doorstep complaining about TVI, LFI etc.
All the nowadays equipment with oscillators generate
a lot of harmonics etc.  presented as big qrm especially
at the start of the 144 Mhz band, but is this also
the case on 23 cm ? Or are those signals already soo
weakened compared with 144 Mhz that it is almost
no issue ?

I have no equipment and have to start from zero on this
band, so think there is also a lot to learn: what is the
best solution a combi rig or transverter and hf trx ?

Maybe there is a good starters guide for 23 cm , because
the answer from Guenter DL4MAE gave new question-
marks at my side with his f/D answer and showed me that
I have to study a lot before making these step.
I have the time so do not have to be qrv next week and
even like to build things myself, though this very high frequencies
require other skills and equipment as I am used to !

You see already many questions and it is just the beginning !

Please respond to this topic  in general to the mailing list
rather than to me private, so others can benefit too from this.
Shared knowledge is fun !

Thanks in advance and for all a very good weekend

73 Oene

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