[Moon-net] weekend + rotator control

neil whiting neil at g4brk.net
Wed Sep 24 13:41:24 CEST 2008

Hi all,

Fired with enthusiasm after hearing the strength of the 13cm signals on
Howard, G4CCH's
video streaming at the weekend, I put together my tropo system with 1.5m
dish and
multiband ring feed to have a listen myself. After a lot of adjustment and
band tuning I
finally heard RW1AW on CW, very weak but almost copyable. Given there is at
6dB improvement I could make (circular pol, preamp at feed instead of at the
of 5m of cable, 8 connectors and 2 relays!) I was very pleased with this.
Thanks Howard.

So how to get on properly? A bigger dish, obviously! But first some support
and control.
I have the makings of a dish support and an early model M2 2800 rotator,
should have good enough resolution. There seem to be a number of tracking
controllers about, but I'm not sure if any of them support the M2 serial
It's also not clear if I can use a screwjack actuator with its pulse output
the elevation readout, as this would not be linear with angle.
Any suggestions from the group please?

73,  Neil  G4BRK
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