[Moon-net] [Moon] DL4MEA's 70cm fun continued...

Vladimír Petržílka ok1vpz at seznam.cz
Sun Nov 16 13:24:32 CET 2008

Sri, just a short note:
..CW (that is morse code!) ... 

Not at all. CW mean Continued carrier, morse code is rather "Interrupted
carrier" . So, WSJT is from this point of view much closer to CW, than
morse code, hi. 
For better understanding - I don't want create any mess abt that. Just
note, that all of us love radio communications and we should respect as
partner anyone, who is interesting in the same matter - the same fun as
morse EME traffic for Guenter can be for someone else for example MGM
(Machine generated mode) on 50MHz, or 3 cm EME morse QSO made on sked.
Or to be just a technical support for other EME operator. Let's be
tolerant, please. The Hamspirit must be the King!
Have a nice contest weekend!
Vladimir OK1VPZ 
(I'm just HW support of OK1TEH now, but already since 80's I was a HW
support for OK1KRA EME early morse tests, who remember)

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