[Moon-net] DL4MEA's 70cm fun continued...

Koellner, Guenter (NSN - DE/Munich) guenter.koellner at nsn.com
Sun Nov 16 10:39:52 CET 2008

added oz4mm, k0rz, w7ci and k1m to those worked on 70cm. Heard dj7gk, sm2cew
Due to the wide beam on 70cm, I see noise from neighbour houses much more early, so I had to quite earlier at 20deg elevation. Conditions seemed to be a little bit more stable with less fading compared to the morning, and some times I got my echos quite nicely. Due to Faraday the echos were on 90deg polarisation, confirmed that NA stations mostly required me transmitting with same polarity than RX despite a polarisation offset of around 60deg.
BTW, I should mention something that might have gone lost or misunderstood: All QSO are random, CW (that is morse code!) without any assistance.
Also those on 23cm, 13cm and 9cm. It is quite simple: While I am sitting at the radio, I do simply not find any time to answer chats or whatever. 
73, Günter (dl4mea)
PS: Yes, meanhile I know that FR5 is Reunion Island. I was just joking, because I never expected getting a new country with my moderate setup on 70cm... It was a pleasure for me working you.


Subject: [Moon] DL4MEA's 70cm fun

Yes yes yes, 70cm is fun....
worked: oh2po, i1ndp, ua3ptw, sp6jlw (yes, it was really me!!!), pi9cam, kl6m (great!!!), ja5nns, hb9q, g3ltf, df3ru, fr5dn (where is fr?) dl7apv
I probably heard vk3um and f2tu
Very unsual, or have I forgotten it, or is it just today so strong? Fading!!! in a few seconds period signals appear or disappear. Also, sometimes I got very clear and load echos.
Rig: 4.5m dish f/D=0.32, CT1DMK ring feed, KA0RYT preamp (0.3dB NF), switchable polarity, GS35b about 1.4kW out, FT847
Now I plan to sleep until tomorrow around 05:00UT, then I will be back on 70cm.
73, Günter (dl4mea)
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