[Moon-net] N9JIM active again tonight on 23cm

Jim Moss n9jim-6 at pacbell.net
Sun Nov 16 02:08:16 CET 2008

Goran (AD6IW) & I got a setup running at my house in CM87xi.
We were running 23cm with 120W and 10' (3M) dish mounted on my tower!

We used Goran's brand new TS2000X, a 120W amp he designed & built, and oneof his LNA's.
I provided the antenna, feed (used the Jamesburg round septum), mechanics,and control.
Dave (AF6KD) also helped me remove my VHF stack & put up the dish (2x).

It was quite a day trying to get everything put together. I took the day off to get the station ready.  At moon rise I was copying stations (no tx ready at that time).  I raised the tower from 5 meters to 15 meters to clear obstacles. Then on the first test transimission shshshshshshshshsh..LNA dead.

Worse than that... the tower winch teeth were jammed.  It was stuck in the UP position!!! 
After some mechanical engineering and scary experiences, we got the tower back down.
Goran took the LNA back to his house for repair, while I reviewed & fixed the control circuitry.

We got back on at almost 0700z and worked:
PI9CAM (answered my CQ!)
K1JT (tailended PI9CAM!)

Also heard OH2DG HB9Q F2TU DL4MEA LX1DB.


Plan to be on again tonite and hopefully for the western window.


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