[Moon-net] Sat night 23 / 70cm conditions

Doug McArthur tikaluna at bigpond.com
Sun Nov 16 01:45:00 CET 2008

I probably spent more time on 70 than I should have but conditions 
there were 'difficult'.
23 had some Libration and slow fading but pretty normal stable 
conditions. However, 70cm had
deep QSB, severe Libration and was Faraday locked at 45 degree all 
night. This posed one big challenge!
I sent more YYY than I can recall. Please leave an exaggerated break 
between the end and start
of your call sign and if you get a YYY with your correct prefix or 
suffix please just send the remainder. Match the speed
of the other station too .. it all will help. I finally got the call 
sign of the DJ that was calling me when I lost Moon
so I will catch you tonight!
I will try to concentrate more on 23 tonight. (3 US Stations on 23 
and 70  [total] active during our window)
Doug VK3UM

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