[Moon-net] VK3NX QRV 23cm

Charlie Kahwagi ibnkarim at bigpond.net.au
Sun Nov 16 01:25:55 CET 2008

Hello fellow "Moon-bounecrs",

                                                During the last week, I made
good progress on my EME system for 23cm.  In a rush I managed to finish my
feed, install and test it.

Without much optimisation in my 3.7m dish, I am getting ~12dB Sun noise,
0.22 dB moon noise and with 100W in the feed (RA3AQ design) echoes are very
good.  So on 12th Nov I had an initial QSO with VK4AFL (#1) on CW and after
this success I decided to try and participate in this weekend's contest.


The NA window yielded contact with  K1RQG (CW and monster signal in SSB!)
VE6TA  and  VK3UM  

After a few hours sleep I managed to get some time on the Eu window and
worked, HB9Q, RA3AQ, OZ4MM and HB9GR (right on my moon set)


I took it very slowly and whilst I called CQ a little up the band I received
no responses, so I concentrated on just hearing and getting a feel for
signals on this new band for me.  I called a number of stations several
times whom I heard very well but often heard several stations replying...
The idea of a "pile-up" on uW EME  is a good thing!


I hope to be active during both the NA and Eu windows again on the next
pass.  My window will start at ~ 1400 utc    and  conclude  at just after
2200 utc.   I ope to be on through most of t (with a few hrs sleep at "high
moon",  so whilst I cannot guarantee I will be on,  please look for me!


I take it that the main activity is around 1296.000  - 1296.050 ????


73 de VK3NX  Charlie QF21EX

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