[Moon-net] 4cx250b tube socket question.

Jordan outposter30 at shaw.ca
Sat Nov 15 18:24:57 CET 2008

Hi again group....

I hope you're all doing great in the contest this weekend, unfortunately, 
I'm not quite QRV again yet...

I am looking for advice on a good combination of tubes and sockets for my 2m 

I have 250Bs, 7580Ws, 250Rs, and I have both EFJ sockets and Eimac sockets 
as well....

I have 1100 pf and 1450 pf screen rings as well as SK600A and SK620A sockets 
with 606 and 626 chimneys....

Is there are preferred socket and screen cap combination...?

73..Jordan VE6ZT 

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