[Moon] [Moon-net] LT70S rx

FR5DN-Phil fr5dn at izi.re
Fri Nov 14 16:23:37 CET 2008

Many tks to all who responded and helped fixing the trouble, with the 

After checking more carefully and testing with some tx around, i saw 
that there was a weak rx.

Checked the the front end of the transverter (it is separated in an 
internal box), and connected its output directly to the rx, and saw that 
it was ok. That is a nice thing...

So the trouble was on the transverter module itself, and found the 
BFR90A to be dead.
A chance i had another 1 left in a box here.
Will have to look for some extra spare.

So, if all is fine i should be able to hear something from the moon!

Again, mny tks for precious quick replies from all of you!!

Vy73 - Phil - FR5DN

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