[Moon-net] KC3RE QRV 432 from Delaware

Cristofori Concerts kc3re at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 14 14:57:43 CET 2008

I have a 432 CW schedule from my QRPP rover with DL7APV. I will be at the Delaware coast, FM28ks.


Sunday, 16 November


One-minute periods, DL7APV transmits first

Start at 0010 UTC (my moonrise from FM28ks)

I'm grateful for any other stations tail-ending if Berndt and I can complete. Reports from anyone who even hears me are gratefully welcome.

My rover station is quite small-just c. 125 watts, single 28-el M2 yagi, but i will have the Atlantic Ocean as a ground plane.  I was able to work Dan, HB9Q, from this spot quite easily.

I don't have elevation on the rover, but will try to dig up some sand and make some hills to drive up, so that I can elevate the entire rover to hopefully keep operating until c. 0210 UTC.

I will also have two-meters in the rover-375 watts and single 15-el K1FO for possible operation (CW) during the second hour.

Thanks for any interest.


Martin, KC3RE


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