[Moon-net] QRV on 70 cm for contest

Cowles Andrus, III candrus at rica.net
Fri Nov 14 04:49:32 CET 2008

Hi 70cm EME operators,

If everything goes as planned, I will be QRV  on 70 cm for the EME contest this weekend.
I plan to be on both nights.
I have CW and JT-65 modes operational.
Plans are to work as many CW stations as I can, then switch to calling CQ.
I normally hang out around 432.012 plus or minus QRM.
My plans may change due to band conditions.

I have 8 FO-33 stacked on the horizontal side for transmit and receive, and 4 FO-22 stacked on the vertical, for receive only.
A lot of the stations I work last time was with only 2  FO-22 antennas on receive due to a lot of the signals coming in vertical not horizontal.
Due to this, I could tell with my water fall display, I missed a lot of stations just below my noise floor.

This time I have 4 antennas stacked in the vertical and a better preamp installed, so another 3 dB S/N may just make the difference.

I hope to work many more of you this time!

Please watch for me and work me!

Grid : FM08kf 
Staunton, Virginia
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