[Moon-net] ARRL EME Contest DL4MEA

Koellner, Guenter (NSN - DE/Munich) guenter.koellner at nsn.com
Thu Nov 13 21:43:11 CET 2008


I expect to be on
(1) 04:00-08:00UT my moonset, 23cm only, NA window
(2) 18:30-21:00UT my moonrise, JA+VK window
(3) 04:00-09:00UT my moonset, NA window
(4) 19:30-21:00UT my moonrise, JA+VK window

I have told I will be on 70cm probably, but at the moment the weather is awful and no chance to check anything. When I find time on Saturday and the weather permits, I will check if 70cm is ok, then I will do 70cm for at least (2) and (3).

Again the request even to the weaker ones on 23cm: Please call! Not in the center of activity, but spread out! Above 025 would be fine! In part 1 there were stations up to 040. More and more stations are using waterfall, so it is no problem to find you.

23cm: 4.5m dish, TH347, chapperal feed with septum polarizer, 400w at the feed, 0.30dB G4DDK preamp
70cm: 4.5m dish, GS35b, CT1DMK ring feed, 1kW at the feed, 0.30dB KA0RYT preamp, switchable polarity
both: FT847, Winrad waterfall display 

73, Günter, DL4MEA

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