[Moon-net] HB9Q QRV on 144, 432 and 1296

Daniel Gautschi, HB9CRQ dan at hb9q.ch
Thu Nov 13 09:19:38 CET 2008

Dear friends


HB9Q will be active (144, 432, and 1296) during the final weekend of the
ARRL EME Contest. Our target is to make as many QSOs as possible (CW and
JT65). We will be switching between the modes depending on activity levels.
Please look for us, you do us a big favor if you work us! We appreciate each
single QSO!


144 MHz: 

-    We will call CQ in JT65 on 144.111 ± QRM. Most of the time, however, we
will be searching between 144.080 and 144.160 for stations we have not yet
worked. If you want to work us, call CQ! We will find you, and reply. 

-    During our JAPAN window we will tx on 144.111 and rx between 144.080
and .100 for any JA calling us (at the same time we rx on 144.111 for any
other caller). Please call us! 

-    Every now and then we will switch to CW and search for activity and
call the stations we copy.


432 MHz: 

-    Look for us 

o   Nov. 15th from 00.00z to 03.45z, from 07.15z to 09.15z and from 20.15z
to 23.00z

o   Nov. 16th from 01.15z to 07.00z and from 19.20z to 00.00z.

-    We will call CQ in CW on 432.025 ± QRM and in JT65B on 432.077 ± QRM.
We will always be monitoring 432.072 to 432.082 for JT65B activity. 


1296 MHz: 

-    Look for us 

o   Nov. 15th from 04.00z to 07.00z, from 18.10z to 20.00z and from 23.15z
to 01.00z

o   Nov. 16th from 07.00z to 10.15z.

-    We will call CQ in CW on 1296.025 ± QRM and in JT65C on 1296.077 ± QRM.
We will always be monitoring 1296.072 to 1296.082 for JT65C activity. 


Following the K1JT-team lead we will use the same “particular operating

-    “Special request to smaller stations: Don't forget to call CQ now and
then (HB9Q will monitor the windows indicated above, HB9Q).  You may be
surprised at who will answer!

-    Special request to stations using real-time assistance: Don't forget
that many stations -- including most of the larger ones -- will NOT be using
the loggers. After a QSO, be sure to stay on frequency long enough to find
possible tail-enders calling you.”


On Friday November 14th from about 21.30z until 23.50z we will be QRV for
skeds and tests on 144 and 432. During this time we are stand-by on the N0UK
and our own 432 chats. Starting November 15th at 00.00z we will not be on
any chat, logger, DXcluster or similar. The only way to contact us will be
via moonbounce!


We hope to work everyone we can copy on both CW and JT65!


Good luck to all, and enjoy moonbouncing!



head of HB9Q


 <http://www.hb9q.ch> www.hb9q.ch




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