[Moon-net] P29NI notes from K6MYC

Lance Collister w7gj at q.com
Thu Nov 13 05:09:56 CET 2008

Hello!  Mike has put together some thoughts about his recent EME DXpedition to 
P29, and I have put them up on my website so you can read about his adventure:


Mike did a great job under very adverse circumstances.  He was stronger here on 6m 
EME than he was on 2m, but I was very pleased to contact him on both bands.  I 
can't imagine how he had the energy to single handedly undertake EME on 2 bands at 
once!  I think Mike needs a vacation now!  Thanks for sharing the notes about the 
trip with us, Mike!  VY 73, Lance
Lance Collister, W7GJ (ex: WN3GPL, WA3GPL, WA1JXN, WA1JXN/C6A, ZF2OC/ZF8)
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Frenchtown, MT  59834  USA
TEL: (406) 626-5728   URL: http://www.bigskyspaces.com/w7gj
2m DXCC #11, 6m DXCC #815

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