[Moon-net] SM5LE 1296 MHz QRV 15-16 Nov in ARRL contest

SM5LE sm5le at telia.com
Wed Nov 12 21:33:59 CET 2008


SM5LE will QRV 1296 MHz for ARRL contest 15-16 Nov.
CW only !  :-)  and NO assistance more then big ears.

Any knowing how to find results from last years ARRL contest ?
Have only found the winners on ARRL WEB-page.
I am interested what place I had last year , to see if  I can do better this year.

73 Sven SM5LE

SM5LE in JO99bd
2.2 meter mesh dish F/D=0.34
Septum feed OK1DFC. With choke ring.
500 W @ feed , CW ( 300W JT65 )
Spid RAS rotator with MoonSked software by GM4JJJ
Rig : TS-2000X (with 1296 MHz module).
LNA : NE32684A cavity NF ~0.3 dB
7.5 dB sun-noise
1296 MHz only
SM5LE HomePage at : http://web.telia.com/~u14901544/
Pictures :  http://web.telia.com/~u14901546/home_page_no_3.htm

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