[Moon-net] qrv 2m & 70cm & 23cm CW

Chris SP7DCS sp7dcs at o2.pl
Wed Nov 12 21:28:12 CET 2008


I plan to be qrv during the contest on 2m, 70cm and 23cm CW random 
Last weeks I was working to get 70cm system running. My 4 yagi array is 
up again with repaired preamp and TX line. Old 250W PA has been retired 
and I want to try new 400W SSPA for the first time. I do hope it will 
work as I had no opportunity to test everything together before.

So my rig is:
2m       -   16 x 8el + gs35b
70cm   -     4 x 25el + 400W SSPA
23cm   -     3m dish, RA3AQ feed + 200W SSPA (at feed)

I will change bands depending on activity level and conditions, but as I 
have TVI problems on 70cm I will on this band mostly during the night.
I hope for good activity on all bands. Especially on 2m where activity 
was very low in the first weekend.

Good luck to all and see you!

VY 73 ! de Chris SP7DCS

Chris SP7DCS
email - sp7dcs at wp.pl, sp7dcs at o2.pl, sp7dcs at smrw.lodz.pl
EME PAGE - http://sp7dcs.webpark.pl

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