[Moon-net] PI9CAM activity

Jan van Muijlwijk jvmmap at bart.nl
Wed Nov 12 17:29:01 CET 2008

During the upcoming ARRL event PI9CAM will be active again!

25 m Dwingeloo dish

See www.camras.nl

23 cm: 65 W @ feed
70 cm: 300 W @ feed

QRV on SSB, CW and JT

There is a small chance we will be on 2 m on saturday night...
The 2 m antennas have to be mounted during daytime on saturday.
So we need good weather.

On friday evening we will start testing.
Then we will use the HB9Q EME logger to try with small stations.

During the contest no logger activity. We are unassisted.
We hope to be on all three moon passes.

Hope to work you all!

73 from the PI9CAM team

BTW: We did not make it to the final of the restoration TV show....
Place 7 out of 16. Not bad, but no one million Euros for us...
So we are looking for other ways of financing the project.

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