[Moon-net] VK Windows 15/16 Nov 08 (VK2,3,4,7)

Doug McArthur tikaluna at bigpond.com
Wed Nov 12 01:40:24 CET 2008

VK Windows 15/16 Nov 08 (VK2,3,4,7)

15 Nov ... Rise  1210z   Set .. 2100z
16 Nov ... Rise  1310z   Set .. 2215z
(I will have ground noise +/ - 12 minutes on the above times)

This is midnight to ~0900 local for us down here.

I will be listening both 70 and 23 at the same time
and be Tx near my 'normal frequency'.

It would be nice to works some more USA  Stations as
it is a friendly time for you guys, please!

GL 73 de Doug VK3UM

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