[Moon-net] ARRL EME Contest

Joe Taylor joe at Princeton.EDU
Wed Nov 12 01:12:05 CET 2008

The K1JT Multi-Op station will be active on 144, 432, and 1296 during 
the final weekend of the 2008 ARRL International EME Competition.  We 
aim to make as many QSOs as possible in both CW and JT65 modes.  We will 
switch between modes as the activity levels suggest.

Particular operating practices:

144 MHz: When calling CQ in JT65, we are likely to be somewhere around 
144.118 ± QRM.  Most of the time, however, we will be using S+P 
techniques.  If you want to work us, call CQ!  We will find you, and reply.

During our JA window we will work with a 40 kHz split -- for example, if 
you call CQ on 144.080, we will respond on 144.120, and vice-versa.
ALTERNATIVE PROCEDURE FOR JA: Don't forget that you can indicate a reply 
frequency in your CQ.  For example, if you will look for replies on 
144.118, send something like:

     CQ 118 JA5ABC PM96

We hope to work everyone we can copy on both CW and JT65!

432 MHz: We will operate in both modes, CW and JT65B, watching 
especially frequencies around 432.070 for JT65B activity.

1296 MHz: We will operate in both modes, CW and JT65C, watching 
especially frequencies around 1296.070 for JT65C activity.

Special request to smaller stations: Don't forget to call CQ now and 
then.  You may be surprised at who will answer!

Special request to stations using real-time assistance: Don't forget 
that many stations -- including most of the larger ones -- will NOT be 
using the loggers.  After a QSO, be sure to stay on frequency long 
enough to find possible tail-enders calling you.

Good luck to all, and have fun in the contest!

   -- 73 from the K1JT contest team

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