[Moon-net] K6JEY ARRL Contest Activity

Doug Millar dougnhelen at moonlink.net
Tue Nov 11 19:05:10 CET 2008

	We, KJ6HZ, W6SZ, KI6LQV and myself are pretty much ready for the 
weekend. We will be on both nights on 432mhz CW with 4x25el, 1kw, 
.4dbnf. We will also be on with our new 10' dish on 23cm. All issues 
have been resolved and we get 8db+ sun noise. We have 300w and .16db 
NF. We will be on CW and JT mode unassisted. We look forward to being 
on consistently in the future. Moonrise here is about 0300z depending 
on tree growth. (Our rainy season was last Wednesday and everything 
is growing.) Looking forward to working lots of stations.
	Doug K6JEY

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