[Moon-net] Vlad, W6BVB on 6m EME from DM13bu

Lance Collister w7gj at q.com
Sun Nov 9 20:58:12 CET 2008

Apparently another very large 6m EME station from the West Coast showed up on the 
moon this weekend ;-)  It is great to have another fully steerable big 6m array on 
the air, as it makes it even more attractive to 6m EME DXpeditions to have more 
stations on the air that they can easily work.  As shown in the photos, Vlad is 
using an array of four 11 element yagis will full elevation:


Watch for Vlad during the ARRL EME Contest next weekend.  He was on 50.159 MHz 
today,but will probably move up closer to 50.200 next weekend.  VY 73, Lance
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