[Moon-net] EME QSL's...

Szigy yo2is at wa7v.ampr.org
Sat Nov 8 20:37:49 CET 2008

From: YO2IS
   Today arrived the response to my QSL & photo
 from JJ1NNJ, confirming our initial EME QSO on
 70cm, my #168...photo with a nice pol.rot antenna.
  THANKS dear Koh, congrats for your #26 DXCC.
  BTW, have computed the percentual ratio betveen
 worked initial stations / confirmed w. QSL's, its:

      84.2 % on 2m EME
      82.2 % on 70cm EME  
      60.0 % on 23 cm EME ! being the only YO QRV...

  Lately have seen some 'black lists' on the net,
 they do not solve the problem, its a matter of
 mutual respect and education, be tolerant !.
  See you next weekend on 70cm EME when Moon gets
 over the blocks in KN05ps ( >40 degrees EL ).
  4 x 7.7 wl BV's, open wire, K2RIW ( 2KV, 0.5A )
 class B, Ug2 275V Zener stab, Ig2 15mA, 20 yrs !.  

   73 & DX, Szigy.

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