[Moon-net] LPRO Rubidium Oscillators Available

Doug Millar dougnhelen at moonlink.net
Fri Nov 7 23:46:22 CET 2008

Hello All,
	The San Bernardino Microwave Society members Have been able to get 
LPRO rubidium oscillators used for about $67 and been selling them to 
members mostly. We have another shipment of 40 at this point and the 
invitation is open to the microwave and EME community. If you are out 
of the USA it is probably easier to order direct from our supplier. 
We will be glad to pass on the information. Information about the 
LPRO is on the SBMS website.
I am handling the testing and Robin WA6CDR is handling the finances.
	Hoping for more stability in the ranks,
		Doug Millar K6JEY
Here is the ordering information:
 From Robin:
	I have ordered ANOTHER batch of the EFRATOM- DATUM LPRO-101   10 MHz
Rubidium oscillators



$ 67 each cash/check, $ 69 PayPal
$ 10 shipping for one or two, if you are more than 2000 miles away please
add a couple of dollars shipping
(international shipping by individual quote only)

checks to:

Robin Critchell
9903 Currant Ave.
Fountain Valley, Ca 92708

cdrent at kinderteacher.com

   In a couple of days, I will post a list.

Its OK to share this information, especially amongst folks who may not have
heard about these.  I would like to see these in widespread use.  I'll keep
at it for a while.  I am quite pleased to say that I had money in hand for
about 90% of the last batch when they arrived.


E mail me with your request (show your callsign, please).  Please let me
know how you intend to pay, and go ahead and send the money.  I will post
immediately here if I run out again.  There should be enough for folks
wanting an additional unit also.

With your check please include your Callsign AND E mail Address so I don't
have to hunt all over for it when entering the info in the shipping form.

On PAYPAL, PLEASE include your callsign

Looks like we may be the most on frequency crowd around!

Robin, WA6CDR

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