[Moon-net] 70cm 4cx250b amp question.

Jordan outposter30 at shaw.ca
Thu Nov 6 18:48:57 CET 2008

Hello again EME'ers...

I am refurbishing a RSGB style 4CX250B cavity amp, and I'm wondering about 
where to locate the screen resistor...
Does it need to be connected at the socket pin , or can it be installed 
external to the cavity at the feedthrough capacitor input...?

I'd like to use a value that will idle at 10mA so I can use a center zero 
meter as well.

I can't find any 300 series MOVs (405VDC) within 500 miles as of yet, so 
I'll work without them for now, and I'd also ask if these need to be socket 
base mounted, or can they be used at the feedthrough...

I'm looking forward to getting 350w or so again on 70cm....73...Jordan VE6ZT 

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