[Moon-net] Contest Results 10/18/08 and 10/19/08 for 1296

Greg Drzyzga na4n at hughes.net
Thu Nov 6 15:15:07 CET 2008

Stations worked on 10/18/08: DL0SHF, K1JT, G3LTF, SV3AAF, ES5PC, DL4MEA, W4OP, RA3AQ, DF3RU, LA9NEA, IK2MMB, HB9SV, K!RQG, K2DH, K4QI, F2TU, OK1CA, DL1YMK,HB9Q, PI9CAM, SM4DHN, G4CCH, SP6JLW, NY2Z,ans JA8ERE. On 10/19/08 the following: RU3ACE, IK3COJ, IW2FZR, OZ4MM, OH2DG, VE6TA, ON7UN, W9IIX and WW2R. Worked 34 stations on 1296 the first weekend. Looking forward to working the stations that I missed on the next 1296 weekend. Thanks to all the stations I worked. Greg, NA4N.  
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