[Moon-net] FS: 60C OCXO Xtals, filters and coax switches

Conrad_G0RUZ conrad at g0ruz.com
Wed Nov 5 23:17:36 CET 2008

I have 2 Xtals purchased from Eisch Electronik specified for the G8ACE or DF9LN OXCO, 60 degree C turnover point. Frequencies are 120.88888888 for 2320 MHz with a 144 MHz IF and 96.00000000 for 1296 MHz with a 144 MHz IF. I would like 30 GBP each for them.
I also have:
3 pole interdigital filter for 2320 Mhz sma 15 GBP
3 pole interdigital filter for 5760 MHz sma 15 GBP
4 cavity WG filter for  10.368 GHz  by Farinon with sma 20 GBP
WG16 input converted LNB 1.3 dB NF 18dB Gain 25 GBP
DJ9BV 2 stage LNA for 3400 MHz 35 GBP
Space Vision 3400 MHz LNA 54K noise temp 40 dB Gain 25 GBP
5760 MHz LPF -50dB @ 3600 Mhz 0.2 dB loss at 5760 Mhz sma 15 GBP
Really nice brand new Radial R566423 coax seitch good to 18 Ghz very low loss 
28V DC 40 GBP
Radiall 560713 N type coax switch good power handling 35 GBP
Aphenol 360-11890 N type coax switch 25 GBP
Sivers Lab of Stockholm 7535 very high quality coax switch 45 GBP
Weinscel Engineering model AC116A60-11 rotary step attenuator 70 dB in 10 dB steps,
tested to 12.5 GHz 50 GBP
All not including shipping, I accept paypal but buyer must pay paypal 3.4% surcharge.

I just keep finding stuff sorry. Anyone fancy building a 5760 
transverter from bits, I have everything needed to make a 5W transverter 
with a 432 MHz IF? Contact me off list.


Conrad G0RUZ

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