[Moon-net] FS: More bits!

Conrad_G0RUZ conrad at g0ruz.com
Tue Nov 4 21:25:09 CET 2008

I have the following bits for sale which should be of interest here:

   1. HP 779D directional coupler 1.7 -12.4 GHz -20dB coupling few
      scuffs but works perfectly 110 GBP  N types
   2. Narda 3004-30  directional coupler 4-10 GHz -30dB coupling
      condition as above 50 GBP
   3. Narda 30044C-10  directional coupler 7-12.4 GHz -10dB coupling
      condition as above 40 GBP
   4. Dow Key SMA coax relay model 401-133 28V DC 15 GBP
   5. DB Products 2S2H11 SMA relay 28 VDC with indicator contacts 15 GBP
      - 3 available
   6. Bird model 43 Wattmeter reasonable paintwork 60 GBP
   7. Bird 250E element 40 GBP new
   8. Bird 2500B element used 60 GBP
   9. Bird 1000E element 50 GBP
  10. HP 435B power meter - no head - in hard case 60 GBP

There are more relays but I still need to sort through them, I 
appreciate everyone's tolerance of these sales. I know it must be 
somewhat annoying. I'd rather this stuff went to users of this group 
than to eBay.


Conrad G0RUZ

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